Welcome to SimonRobinson.com. I'm a software developer and Pluralsight author based in London, UK., mostly working with C# and Microsoft .NET.

My Pluralsight Courses

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screenshot from Math for Programmers course

Math for Programmers

Published: 26 Aug 2013

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This course covers the maths behind how your computer stores and manipulates data. You'll learn how to read binary and hexadecimal, how both integers and floating point numbers are stored and the limitations of using them. Advice on best practices and how to work effectively with boolean values and bitwise operators.

screenshot from C# Collections Fundamentals course

C# Collections Fundamentals

Published: 8 Apr 2014

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Starting from arrays and progressing to lists, dictionaries, and sets, this course covers the capabilities of the various collection types, how they work under the hood, and performance implications.

screenshot from C# Equality and Comparisons

C# Equality and Comparisons

Published: 9 Sep 2014

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This course teaches you how equality and comparisons function in .NET and the correct way to implement equality and comparisons for your own types.

screenshot from C# Concurrent Collections course

C# Concurrent Collections

Published: 14 May 2015

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Learn how to use concurrent collections in multithreaded code! This course will teach you the correct use of ConcurrentDictionary, as well as introducing you to producer-consumer scenarios and the blocking collection.

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