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The books I've written....

Warning! These books are are the books are all seriously out of date. I'm listing them here for the record. But if you need to use them for your work today, maybe you need to change employer ;-) The C# language has changed almost out of recognition, and most of the other techs I wrote about have long been superceded (COM was innovative, fascinating, and amazing in its day. And it still powers a lot of things on Windows under the hood. But you'd have to be doing pretty low level coding to need to interact with it directly. And does anyone use classic ASP any more?)


Book Title Authors
photo of me Advanced .NET Simon Robinson
photo of me Expert .NET Simon Robinson
photo of me Professional ADSI Simon Robinson


Book Title Authors
photo of me Professional C# Simon Robinson, Burton Harvey, Julian Templeman and Karli Watson
photo of me Professional C# 2nd Edition Simon Robinson, K Scott Allen, Ollie Cornes, Jay Glynn, Zach Greenvoss, Burton Harvey, Christian Nagel, Morgan Skinner and Karli Watson
photo of me Professional C# 3rd Edition Simon Robinson, Christian Nagel, Karli Watson, Jay Glynn, Morgan Skinner and Bill Evjen
photo of me Beginning Components for ASP Richard Anderson, Simon Robinson and Alex Homer
photo of me C# Programming with the Public Beta Burton Harvey, Simon Robinson, Julian Templeman and Karli Watson
photo of me Visual C++ .NET: A Primer for C++ Developers Aravind Corera, Stephen Fraser, Scott McClean, Niranham Kumar, Simon Robinson, Dr PG Sarang and Sam Gentile
photo of me ASP 3.0 Programmer's Reference Richard Anderson, Dan Denault, Brian Francis, Matthew Gibbs, Marco Gregorini, Alex Homer, Craig McQueen, Simon Robinson, John Schenken and Kevin Williams
photo of me GDI+ Programming: Creating Custom Controls Using C# Eric White, Chris Garrett and Simon Robinson
photo of me Professional ADO 2.5 Programming Ian Blackburn, James Conard, Brian Matsik, Tim McCarthy, John Papa, Simon Robinson and David Sussman
photo of me Professional Active Server Pages 3.0 Alex Homer, Dave Sussman, Brian Francis, Dino Esposito, Andrea Chiarelli, Simon Robinson, Richard Anderson, George Reilly, Craig McQueen, Chris Blexrud, Dan Denault, John Schenken, Bill Kropog, Dean Sonderegger and and Matthew Gibbs
photo of me Professional ASP Data Access Dino Esposito, James R De Carli, Jason Hales, Simon Robinson, Richard Anderson, Charles Fairchild, Aaron Grady, John Grenade, Joshua Parkin, Rama Ramachandran, MAtthew Reynolds, Ulrich Schwanitz, Julian Skinner, Kent Tegels and Thearon Willis
photo of me Professional Windows DNA Christopher Blexrud, Matthew Bortniker, Jonathan Crossland, Dino Esposito, Jason Hales, Whitney Hankison, Vishwanath Honnaya, Tim Huckaby, Slava Kristich, Rockford Lhotka, Brian Loesgen, Stephen Mohr, Simon Robinson, Ash Rofail, Brad Sherrell, Scott Short, Dan Wahlin and Edward Lee